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History of the Chateau

Over the years this former hunting lodge, built between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, has undergone many modifications. Part of the current Chateau was built of stone and brick by Simon-Sylvestre-Clément Lemoyne in the 18th century. Born into a family of merchants and brewers in Dieppe, he was a lawyer, advisor to the king at the Arques baillage and served as mayor of Dieppe from 1770 to 1779. He died in the Chateau in 1806.


But it was the Rouland family, who lived in the Chateau from the mid-19th century until 1968, that gave the building its current appearance.

Gustave Rouland (1831-1898), was Minister of religions under Napoleon III from 1859 to 1865, and with the help of state aid, renovated the village church around 1860.


The Château de Bertreville-Saint-Ouen and its pavilion retain many beautiful original decorative features, despite many incarnations over the years! It has been a family home, a private school, company headquarters and became a B&B in the early 2000's.

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